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Best South Indian food according to me is Jaggernut in Kailash Colony. South Indian has always been one of my favorite cuisines, and I can have a Dosa at any point of time in the day.

Aayush Supra

Delhi’s Best South Indian Food l Juggernaut Restaurant l Kailash Colony

Bhooka Saand

Best of the best DOSA featuring Flying Beast, Gaurav Taneja

This is the 2nd episode of our webseries Staraan Naal Dinner (Dinner with stars). Our Guest in this video is the popular youtuber Gaurav Taneja, Owner of the 2 mentioned below channels.

Ndtv Food Review

Readers’ Choice: 20 Best Dosa Places In India That You Voted For

Best Dosa Places India: Dosa is one of the most popular south-Indian dishes across the world and all of us have this one go-to place to satiate those cravings. Is your place on the list?

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Craving for Idlis at 6 am? Head here.

You enter this restaurant and your mind is eased by the calming music, the whiff of fresh vadas and filter coffee brewing away, and you know you’re at the right place. Take a seat at their beautiful terrace, and enjoy freshly made Idlis, Rose Coconut Muffins and a cup of filter coffee.

LBB Food Review

This Places Serves The Best South Indian Cuisine In The City

uggernaut: I fell in love with this place right from the moment I entered. This place smells like heaven and that too the aroma is from fresh flowers. Isn’t it just peacefully pleasing? They surely welcome you with their warm hearts, sandalwood tilak & some complimentary rasam-papad.