Devoted unconditionally to the Earth & Nature of India, and its congeniality, the Humility of the People of our Nation and their Influence on the World & ultimately to our age old Values.


The reason why we are starting is to bring to the fore the timelessly classic values of the Indian familial & social & earthly heritage and its ever-sufficient ways of simple living.

We entirely appreciate the roots of our mother like ancient nation, we will act always and in all the ways possible to set a precedent, so eventually the classics of simplicity are alive again.

We may not be the most forward people acquainted with even further technology but we are about the humble human approach in whatever we manifest our ideals in, so be it the way we greet you at our doorstep or our hosting/waiting/escorting staff meets you & their behaviour, the way the chefs make their dishes, and we wash our floors and, the way we deliver our food, one can rest assured its like things were back in your day/our day. For some things should always remain homelike, please rely on us to ensure the same homeliness once you step out of your abode, into our environs.

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All about the Fair Business

Good education is of a free nature, it is not mysterious. It can manifest only in what we do. It’s like wind, we only know it was somewhere when it has moved through a place. Our effort here is a Homage to our Mothers, Forefathers & Teachers in Life for raising the bar for us to always become better than we were before, and for never shying away from showing us the importance of staying Traditional & Orthodox even as the world forever turns New & Modern.

We (the Chefs/the Waiting People/the Dishwashers/the Delivery Boys/the Doormen/the Floor Cleaners/the Artists/the Musicians/the Hosts) are a Family made out of Choice with each one of us serving a different role but as a family anchored in one single most important Indian ‘Ethic-Value’ – to be the best of ourselves and work like we would serve our Parents.

We see each other as Brothers & Sisters and find the World to be made out of people just like our own, and extend the same helping hand and service ethic as we would in our biological nests.








Smile wearer, gentleman & approachable, he’s made his habit to attend to other’s requirements humbly.


To seek & take birth on Earth is a loan unto us and we ought to repay it by serving a useful purpose while we enjoy our time here. It’s an important loan to repay, and we want to restore the glory of our mother nature and hence the ideas and actions to make it as quintessential and idyllic as it were in the folklore & the ancient classics told to us by our elders.

Conscientious, laborious and at times even fussy measures are perpetually taken to keep our environment taintless and model like.


JUGGERNAUT is a product of our ideals and not fanciful imagination, and indispensable to us is the calibre of the quanta / the most basic building block in the food we make and hence of the overall worth. 

​Conscientious, laborious and at times even fussy measures are perpetually taken to keep our environment taintless and model like.