Good education is of a free nature, it is not mysterious. It can manifest only in what we do. It's like wind, we only know it was somewhere when it has moved through a place. Our effort here is a Homage to our Mothers, Forefathers & Teachers in Life for raising the bar for us to always become better than we were before, and for never shying away from showing us the importance of staying Traditional & Orthodox even as the world forever turns New & Modern.

We (the Chefs/the Waiting People/the Dishwashers/the Delivery Boys/the Doormen/the Floor Cleaners/the Artists/the Musicians/the Hosts) are a Family made out of Choice with each one of us serving a different role but as a family anchored in one single most important Indian ‘Ethic-Value’ - to be the best of ourselves and work like we would serve our Parents.

We see each other as Brothers & Sisters and find the World to be made out of people just like our own, and extend the same helping hand and service ethic as we would in our biological nests.